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Photostream is a Silverlight application used to showcase your photos. The database I used here is Mongo db. Below are the frameworks I used in the app

  • Silverlight 
  • Caliburn Micro
  • Reactive Extension
  • WCF

DB: Mongo db

More details in my blog post

Screen Shots

Home Page

Home page












Upload Photo

Click on the Upload icon at the top right corner of the home page will show the below screen to upload photo(s). User can upload multiple images. Also he can select a category, the photo belongs

Upload Photos









Preview Photo

Clicking on the thumbnail photo in the home page will bring the photo in preview mode as shown below

Photo preview









Photo Comments

Public user can write comments for the photo. Clicking on the icon at the bottom next to delete button will shows the photo comments, also user can enter comment as well.

Public comments 








Other Features

User can create categories

Filter photos based on categories.

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